What We're About

Solid State Radio is a locally owned and operated online radio station broadcasting from the heart of downtown Lapeer. We stream online 24/7 with a variety of talk and alternative rock programming, with news updates on the hour during the day.

Our talk shows include The Armchair Athletes, a sports/pop culture/comedy show in afternoon drive; the Lapeer Main Street Hour, all about the fun events in the city we call home; and The MetaCast, a show about the magical and metaphysical.

Our music philosophy is pretty simple: the best new music first from your favorite alternative rock artists, with a few surprises along the way, and plenty of killer local music in the mix. We're 100% locally owned and operated; everything we play is programmed right here in Lapeer by people who care about the music.

The result is something uniquely our own, and the perfect alternative to boring corporate radio.

Meet the Team

These are the people responsible for what you hear each day on Solid State Radio! (But don't hold that against them.)


Emily Gehman

Morning Show Host

Emily Gehman is a Storytelling Coach by day, a freelance writer by night, and a follower of Jesus at all hours. As a storytelling coach, she helps you realize you have a story and coaches you through the writing and editing process to share it. Emily is a story junkie, coffee enthusiast, Special Olympics coach, and aunt to eight amazing humans. Connect with Emily at, on social @emilygehman, and catch her on the Your Stories podcast at Solid State Radio and iTunes.


Sean Cantwell

Program Director/Afternoon Host

The guy responsible for most of the programming you hear on Solid State Radio, and about half of what you hear on The Armchair Athletes. You can also catch him spinning tunes in the early afternoon hours Monday through Saturday and filling in elsewhere. No, we're not sure when he sleeps, either. Or if...


Adam Harahuc

Host, The Armchair Athletes and Solid State Sessions

The guy with the actual radio experience around here! Host of our local music showcase, Solid State Sessions, and the primary target of Sean's abuse on The Armchair Athletes.


Mike Stonewolf

Night Show Host

Solid State's resident intern and "do whatever the hell Sean doesn't wanna do" guy. You can catch Mike on Sunday mornings with Rhonda on Metacast and spinning tunes in the evenings and on weekends.


Wes Imel

Host, The Garage and Two-Lane Jukebox/Wacky Sidekick, The Armchair Athletes

Knows just enough about sports to be dangerous. Has seen the Wayne's World movies way too many times. Has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of obscure 90's alternative bands, and puts it to use each week in The Garage.


Rod Robertson

Host, Just A Thought

The only host in town that knows what his callers are thinking before they even call in, Rod brings his years of experience as an intuitive and life coach to the Solid State airwaves each weekday afternoon on Just A Thought. "The Voice of Rod" can also be heard on various commercials and promo spots on Solid State Radio, or with ridiculous amounts of reverb on The Armchair Athletes.


Michael B. Schwerin

Operations Manager/Host, Alter Ego

The tech guy behind the scenes at Solid State Radio, Mike is also host of our nerd sanctum, Alter Ego.


James Mrdutt

Co-Host, Alter Ego/Fill-In Host, The Armchair Athletes

The bane of Mike's existence on Alter Ego, and quite possibly the biggest nerd on a station pretty well full of them. We're pretty sure he knows more about sports than the Armchair Athletes, too, and you can hear him filling in on the rare occasion Sean takes a day off.


Jim Alt

Host, Lapeer Main Street Hour

As if his role as director of the Lapeer Downtown Development Authority didn't keep him busy enough already, Jim is also your host for The Lapeer Main Street Hour, our weekly guide to what's new in downtown Lapeer. He's also our resident graphic designer; check out more of his work here!


Carson "The Bulldog" Lucas

Co-Host, The Armchair Athletes

Voted "Most Likely to Cause An Angry Mob To Show Up At The Solid State Radio Studio," Carson can often be heard sitting in with the Armchair Athletes, or co-hosting when Adam has the day off.


Dustin James

Host, Entertain The Experience

The proprietor of Flint's 711 Entertainment, Dustin brings his years of experience in the local music scene and a love of music of all genres each week to Entertain The Experience!


Erica Akers

Advertising Consultant

Erica has easily the hardest job of anybody around here: trying to convince local business to pay for the privilege of being associated with the likes of us! (Trust us, it's for the best that she's the one out there doing this; no good comes with letting live DJ's out in public!)


Mitch Gill

Station Voiceovers/Host, Mitch's Fake Radio

The voice of Solid State Radio, host of "Mitch's Fake Radio" and our live shows at the Pix, a successful stand-up comic and, in a past radio life, the man at fault for the radio career of Adam Harahuc. We'll leave it up to you to figure out which one is him in this pic.


Jonathan Ettinger

Host, Try Listening This

If you're into obscure alternative music, political cynicism and Simpsons references, you'll fit in pretty well at Solid State Radio. Luckily for Jon, he checks off all those boxes. Let him introduce you to the best albums you've never heard each week on Try Listening This, or get his Two Cents on life, current events and “what's wrong with you people” throughout the week.


Mandy Hayes

Host, Just A Thought

The better half of Rod Robertson's show, Mandy co-hosts every Friday and fills in when Rod's off in Chicago or elsewhere.


Tony Bradley

Host, Don't Make This Weird/Producer, Mitch's Fake Radio

The studio mastermind who makes Don't Make This Weird and Mitch's Fake Radio happen each week, Tony handles those and various musical projects out of Caro's 10mssound Studios, but takes time to get weird with us each week!


Heather Edginton

Host, Don't Make This Weird

The voice of reason (if such a thing exists) on Don't Make This Weird.


Chris O'Neil

Co-Host, Don't Make This Weird

The most recent addition to Don't Make This Weird. The guy most likely to completely offend you, and the one least likely to give a damn.


Justin Nelson

Host, Digital Distortion

The ringleader of the Digital Distortion crew, and the guy that comes up with most of the weird news stories you hear on the show.


Kyle Sautter

Co-Host, Digital Distortion

Digital Distortion's resident music expert, "Brother Kyyy" (as Justin calls him) is the guy responsible for "Underrated" and the games the boys play each week.


Kevin Schroeder

Co-Host, Digital Distortion

The most reserved guy on the Digital Distortion crew, though that isn't exactly saying much compared to the rest of the station.


Rhonda Groves Young

Host, The MetaCast

Already an accomplished star of stage and radio before she arrived here, Bree Gera, or Rhonda Groves Young as she's known by non-magical folk, hosts our weekly dive into the world of the spiritual and metaphysical, The MetaCast.


Paul Raymond

Host, Punk Rock 101

An accomplished music producer, Paul runs his own studio in downtown Lapeer, from which he brings us Punk Rock 101!